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    Advertising Information:: Feelmax snowboard and skiing toe sock products::

    Toe Sock  Products

    New Skiing & Snowboard Toe Socks from the family of Feelmax

    Feelmax Ltd is a Finnish family company founded in 1993, the main product of the company are toe socks. At the moment the company employs 10 people in Finland and several people in different parts of the world. Feelmax socks are available in Europe, North America and in parts of Asia. The aim of Feelmax is to continue developing the Feelmax network and to bring toe socks to every part of the world.

    Feelmax® Skiing & Snowboard toe socks are the most comfortable socks in the World. They are made without uncomfortable seams and the elasticity of the socks prevents them from sliding off your feet during the day. They fit like a glove –“literally”. Toe socks “massage” in between your toes, stimulate circulation and keep feet warm and dry all day.

    Feelmax Skiing & Snowboard toe socks are designed and developed in Finland. This allows them to test the socks in demanding weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Feelmax toe socks are a Finnish contribution to all sports like skiing and snow boarding. Oy Feelmax Ltd, together with its manufacturing partner, is on a continuous journey to learn more about new materials and their properties.

    The variety of Snowboard Socks do keep a persons feet comfortable all day, which is the key to an enjoyable riding experience. Each variety of Skiing & Snowboard sock material wicks sweat and insulates your feet without being super bulky. Feelmax designed these quality socks to help you ride as many laps as it takes to land that trick you've been working on.

    Many Skiers & Snow boarders use different Toe Socks in combinations to cushion and insulate their feet without causing them to get boggy, baggy or buggy inside your boots. These socks offer excellent breath ability, and provide flexibility at the ankle and forefoot.

    Outdoor Toe Sock

    "Feelmax® toe sock is excellent in ski jumping boot. When your feet don’t sweat, they don’t catch cold so easily. When I was kid I got really bad frostbite’s to my toes and that’s why my circulation in my foot has always been quite bad one. Since I got Feelmax® Sport toe socks I haven’t been suffering about cold feet. I think that my circulation in my foot has improved." Toni Nieminen, Two times Olympic cold medallist


    The different varieties include Feelmax Outdoor, Charcoal, Tundra, Arctic, and Glacier Silk:

    Feelmax® Outdoor -A double layer toe socks well suited for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor use.

    Feelmax® Charcoal - Innovative sock that will benefit all those who wish their feet to remain fresh. Feelmax has utilized charcoals antibacterial properties in a toe sock and produced a hygienic sock which reduces bacterial growth in the fibre.

    Feelmax® Tundra - Toe sock for the demanding outdoor activities. Inside of this double layer toe sock is Coolmax-fibre to transfer moisture to outer layers and the outside is made of Merino wool mix keeping the feet warm. New product knee high sock from Feelmax made for activities like ice climbing and downhill skiing.

    Feelmax® Arctic -Sock for extreme cold conditions. Coolmax together with Thermolite provides warmth for any cold-weather activity such as skiing and hiking.

    Feelmax® Glacier Silk -A thin knee length toe sock with a fitted heel.
    A unique liner sock which adds a layer of warmth under your socks without adding bulk. Made out of mix of Coolmax and silk.

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